Rotary Card Sheeter

Rotary Card Sheeter

Rotary cutting action for speeds up to 200+ per minute

The Card Sheeter is used to automatically place a flat or a ‘U’ shaped cardboard into the flight spacings of the wrapper infeed, onto which the product is placed. The sheeter can be driven mechanically by a line shaft from the wrapper or electronically driven.

A rotary cutting action allows for high operating speeds…to 200/minute and more, depending on card size. It can be positioned at the end of the wrapper which is required for ‘U’ shaped cards, or placed at right angles to the infeed conveyor.



Up to a 36” diameter roll of .014″ to .020” thick cardboard  on a 6” core

Card Size

Up to 6” wide, from 2” to 9” long

Card Sheeter Drive

Mechanically driven by line shaft from the Horizontal Wrapper for end or side mounting



Packaging Specifications

Overall Size

Length: 70.31”
Width: 34.68”
Height: 50”


Approximately 700 lbs.


  • 2-Up End Cutter
  • ‘U’ board arrangement with perforating rolls
  • Electronic follower drive, 230 volts
  • Includes encoder driven by the wrapper
  • Side or end mount
  • Machine Interface Kit to adapt Sheeter to the model of Horizontal Wrapper