High Performance Packaging Machines

Selecting an AmeriPak® machine

No two packaging solutions are the same.

When you purchase a high performance packaging solution from AmeriPak, it all begins at our engineering design lab. Selecting the best packaging machine for your company requires careful consideration of the size, shape, and even texture of your product to ensure you reach your highest production goals.

Size, Speed, Space

Each packaging application presents a different set of requirements. Consider the dimensions of your product and/or container size. All AmeriPak machines have a maximum package size.

Factor the speed (packages per minute) by how many products you need to wrap or seal to meet production goals.

Take a look at your production space. How much room is available to house, setup, and operate your machine?


All wrappers have enough feeding space for two people to work. Additional 2.5’ or 5.0’ sections are optional to lengthen the infeed if required.

Dual pitch quickly changes the infeed from over-wrapping short to longer products—without tools—in under one minute.

The Series 30 Tray Sealer has 22″ of clear feeding space. While the base Series 60 has 49″ of clear feeding space with optional extensions of 48″ each. Side tables add convenience to feeding your product into the machine.


An AmeriPak wrapper includes a 24″ or 48″ driven discharge conveyor.

Tray sealers are equipped with discharge rails. An optional roller or driver conveyor is available.

Horizontal Flow Wrappers

Series 90
Series 150

Tray Sealers

Series 30
Series 60

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Request a High Performance Solution

All AmeriPak machines are manufactured at our Pennsylvania headquarters, side-by-side with the engineering design lab. Our resource center produces accurate, price-competitive parts for both machine and change parts. This allows us to provide AmeriPak designed and manufactured parts for quick delivery.